Hello, and Welcome to my new site.

Hi ! My name is Paul Jervis and I am a Creative Director. This is my new WordPress site. It took me a long time to figure out which way to go with making my new web site you see here. The Internet has gone through so many changes in the last few years with the increase in bandwidth and the rise of search engines, most notably Google.

I went and looked and interacted with many websites in the advertising field, and I was surprised by my reactions. I found myself increasingly using the ‘skip’ button to navigate around slow loading flash animations and java scripts. I really like the simpler, more direct approaches toward the current trends in web design. This site reflects my own personal market research into the Web 2.0 today. Simple and direct, I wanted to make my own calm oasis where you could catch your breath and see some of the work I have done in the world of advertising.

Feel free to comment or contact me,

Paul Jervis – New York 07

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